I have been taking Lynett's NIA classes for 12 years and can attest to their greatness. The carefully researched and choreographed routines are instrumental in my feeling energetic, graceful and joyful. Lynette is a true professional and perfectionist, who brings great value to her students. - Betty Sacks

    Lynett’s class informs and energizes my body, mind, and spirit.  I feel so much better after completing each class. While we dance, she reminds us of how particular dance movements affect our muscles, bones, and joints.  She encourages us to be playful, yet, mindful and to real feel the music from the inside out.  The well -chosen musical selections often have themes from a wide range of music genres. Lynett dances with the passion of her soul.  Her expert guidance and inspiring spirit enrich my Nia experience in such joyful, powerful ways. I am so grateful for the class.  It is an important part of my life.  -Mary F. Lenox

    I am writing to endorse one of the best forms of exercise ( often a bad word) a person can do.  It is a Nia class!  The old song “I’ve got the music in me”, best describes the feeling you have during one of these classes. The music becomes a part of your routine and suddenly achy, stiff, painful body parts become one with the music and before you know it the class has ended and you’ve had a thorough workout of every muscle and joint in your body.
    Try one class and you will be hooked forever! -Kathy Anderson (Been doing Nia for over 6 years)

    If I did NIa all the time I’d be perfectly content. Lynette is an amazingly intelligent, passionate and marvelously gifted teacher. Every one of her movements is worthwhile, sensible and works!  After dance classes, yoga, etc.——this is the BEST workout possible and I Love ❤ it! Wish I could do it every day! - Ina Burd

    I have been taking Lynette’s NIA class for years, and I LOVE it.  I try to take it every week, and am very unhappy when I have to miss it.  I love her music, it is the best music in the East Bank classes.  I was a wooden soldier when I started, but I have improved with practice.  Lynett is the Best! -Joan Fallert

    Lynett’s class puts magic in my day.  I look forward to going, I revel in the joy and smiles of my fellow dancers.  There is no self-consciousness…Lynett makes the class fun and engaging, and entirely without anxiety.  My body feels amazing after class; it feels supple and fluid and strong.  It may not LOOK like that, but it IS how I feel!  This is my favorite movement class of all time. -Nell

    Lynett's Nia class is outstanding; she puts a lot of effort into the music and choreography with each routine offering a variety of styles and drawing from multiple exercise/dance disciplines. I feel energized and centered after every class. It is a total workout but also so much fun!

    On a rating of 1-10 Lynett Putterman is out of the box.  She is an innovative, creative teacher who leaves her students energized, stimulated and wanting more of NIA, Lynette's guidance and her great music playlists.  I came first for the music, then for the surprises and spirited women, finally for the fitness I was enjoying.  The women in my NIA class in downtown Chicago are diverse in age, physical skills, exercising backgrounds and sometimes, at first, confidence levels.  The classes are demanding, rewarding and addictive.  Not the least of Lynette's many skills are her people skills. She cares about her students and stresses safe ways to keep fit through her imaginative, often joyous routines; tactful corrections, and thoughtful praise.  -Susan Mednick

    I hate to exercise.  Even when I had an excellent trainer, I dreaded our sessions.  So, it is remarkable that I genuinely look forward to and enjoy NIA.  Offering a combination of dancing (which I love), a wide variety of music, and the opportunity to challenge my body to move in new and better ways (e.g., flexibility), NIA is making me a much healthier person.  Lynett Putterman, our instructor, is an exceptional teacher --- her energy is contagious, lessons are skillfully choreographed and very challenging, yet also a lot of fun--- which is why you’ll observe hard work, smiles, laughter, and applause at our sessions.  NIA is changing my life! -Pamela B. Adelman