Nia Testimonials

Your class is such a mood enhancer.  When I walk home after your class I have this incredible Zen feeling, just euphoric and peaceful.  While I normally get impatient when I have to wait for a red light, instead I just close my eyes for a moment and take a deep inhale and just feel so at peace in my mind.

Your Nia classes have helped me realize that I have limited myself in how I get down and back up off of the floor.  When my knee pain started in 2007, I had to re-teach myself how to get up and down and found the one way that doesn’t hurt.  Unfortunately, over time, I had forgotten how to get up any other way.  Now that I have the knee pain under control with meds, I’ve realized there is no reason why I should limit that action of getting up with only one certain motion.  So I have been trying to be creative and get up different ways – especially without hands.  (Having a dog does get me on the floor more often than most folks by playing with – and now cleaning up after- a new puppy).  I’ve found by getting up in different ways that I have lost some strength in my left leg, so I am in the process of working on that.  But it’s thanks to your class that I even noticed this.

The Many Ways in Which NIA (and Lynett) have affected my life. (in no particular order-free associating before coffee)

  1. More aware of posture at computer and while walking
  2. Body shape improved.  Slimmer hips, weight loss.
  3. Best HDL number I ever had
  4. Slither easily in crowds
  5. Feel healthier
  6. More limber
  7. Improved balance
  8. Look forward to class (not “working out”)
  9. Feel sexier
  10. Feel committed to continuing

Lynett is
A role model
A force of nature
A fabulous dancer
A warm and generous spirit
Admired and beloved
A terrific teacher

There’s more, I’m sure but I did my homework this morning and I’m not a morning person. Thanks so much for everything!!

Dear Lynett,
I think Nia has become a way of life for me…when I walk I try to remember how to stand and hold my body.  I love the classes and the experience of just losing myself in the wonderful selections of music you provide and in trying to master the various movements and concepts being introduced.  I look forward to coming and I feel exhilarated for the rest of the day!  It’s such a pleasure having this in my life!  I can’t thank you enough for offering this very special opportunity!

Nia has taught me how NOT to hurt my body and to CARE about protecting it.

My dearest Lynett:

When you asked us to write our feelings about Nia, I recalled the first class I attended.  I thought it was hokey, self indulgent and strange.  Because it was so light hearted and carefree, even a bit silly, it certainly did not qualify as serious exercise.  How could something like that be good for your body, I thought.

Little did I know then, that I would become addicted to this amazing force of joy and energy.  I don’t recall how many years I have been coming to your class, but I recall several times, thinking I had finished mourning the deaths of my husband almost 6 years ago, my mother 4 years ago, and my brother 2 years ago.  But Nia told me otherwise.  There were times when I was so moved by some primal force that I began to cry from the depths of my heart.  It has happened more than once.  And each time someone in that lovely class would come to me and hug me.  There is something primal, deep, evocative and soul stirring and powerful about Nia.

But on a lighter note, it’s just so much fun.  It makes you childlike, happy, agile; it makes you lose your inhibitions.  It makes you strong and walk tall.  It is also sensuous, putting you in touch with parts of your body that may be neglected and need to be reminded that we are vital, sexual women.

But I wonder if everyone who takes Nia classes has the same experience?  I think what makes your classes so remarkable is YOU!

It is so clear that you are passionate about the work you do.  It’s obvious you put in many hours of preparation, always on the lookout for music to compliment your routines.  Sometimes I look around the class at women of all ages, particularly those over 65, frolicking, smiling, becoming more agile, confident, uninhibited, balanced and stronger each week.  And it all has to do with the energy, enthusiasm and skill you share with us as a masterful teacher.

How lucky we are to have you in our lives.

Dear Lynett,

When I am in the non-Nia world I think of all the wonderful music we share together and stand erect physically and emotionally.

You have added such a critical dimension to my life: blessing, health: physical, emotional and spiritual.

I am grateful for your presence in my life.

Nia has not influenced my life it has become my life.  Any musical video I see or CD I hear brings Nia moves to mind and has me moving whether sitting or standing, and yes with awareness of the “deep muscles” you always talk about.  Even my husband will say, isn’t that like the Nia move you showed me when watching “Chicago” again on TV.

I think my body looks and feels better and I love the sense of freedom in movement.

My shopping habits have changed, always looking for something on sale that would be good for wearing at Nia class.

I am not new to exercise because I always knew it was good for me and I used it as a way to control my weight BUT I was always happy to find an excuse not to go.  Can you believe that I actually look forward to Tuesday and Thursday mornings, being willing to wake up early (for me) and meet my house buddies at 8:15 to walk over a mile in any weather, to your class.  And that brings me to my last thought.  Nia would be nothing without YOU for me.  I think you are wonderful as a teacher and a person.  Aren’t you glad you asked.

Sent to Oprah Winfrey 8/27/08
I admire the success you have achieved since those early days we worked together at WLS-TV.  That you have included wellness in your outreach is particularly admirable. For that reason I agreed to be one of many sending you a postcard suggesting that a show about NIA on the 25th Anniversary of the fitness method would be timely, of interest to, and beneficial to your audience. I can honestly say that in addition to being great fun, the classes I have taken here in Chicago with Lynett Putterman have produced results. Her routines add diverse music and imagination to the basics of NIA that give it entertainment and well as health value.
My best, Lynn Pregont


"I saw you on ABC news and was amazed. I immediately emailed you telling you how excited I was to start Nia. Well, I ordered the DVD from the Nia website and I LOVE IT!!! I have lost 5 lbs. in a little over a week! Thanks."

- Stacy McReynolds

In a letter to the head of Gilda's Club Chicago:
"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing Nia and its wonderful instructor, Lynett Putterman, to the member's of Gilda's Club. Her classes enhance the philosophy of Gilda's Club which is to provide a place of restoration of body and soul to cancer patients and their families and friends.

Currently, I am in remission from lymphoma. I have two more series of chemotherapy sessions in March and next September to complete my treatment. I also am a full time English as a Second Language teacher at Wheeling High School. I am able to continue working during treatment as a result of the Nia classes.

Lynett provides emotional support and adjusts the difficulty of her classes to the needs of the students which, believe me, are quite varied. We are doing movements we wouldn't have believed our bodies are capable of doing. We enter the class dragging, but Lynett and Nia give us a new framework and energy to face life. Our flexibility, balance, coordination, posture and strength all have improved through these fun imaginative routines. We are truly restored in body and soul.

Thanks again to you and Gilda's Club for providing Nia and our energetic and compassionate instructor, Lynett Putterman.

- Diana Burns

"I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed and benefited from the Nia for Men classes on Tuesdays. I play hockey and it has improved my game. Lynett is a great motivator and with her leading the class, it goes by very quickly. The classes are actually interesting unlike most exercise classes."

- Richard

"Nia has opened my eyes to a whole new world of expression. I find that after a class I am ready to face the world with a positive attitude. Not to mention I have severe arthritis and it has helped eliminate the pain that was hampering my daily routine. Lynett's positive attitude and fun approach to teaching the class makes it seem less like a workout and more of a gathering of friends coming together to dance."

- Jennifer

"Someone asked me to describe the Nia class I was yaking. The first thing I would say is that it is FUN! It is not just an exercise class. It is a movement class to music. There are dance, balancing, stretching and using muscles that you didn't know you had. I'm learning to use my stomach muscles while belly dancing and moving my hips while keeping my torso straight. You learn to be imaginative to music while moving your body to stretch certain areas. You feel like a kid again. You feel energized. The next day you may feel a little sore but it is worth the ache. Don't forget your bottle of water. It is a must."

- Joanne

"After attending several of your Nia classes, I want to share with you my reaction and opinion.

I must point out that I am fifty-three years old and have exercised regularly my entire life. I have utilized numerous types of physical activity to remain fit. These have included jogging, basketball, karate, weights, yoga, and stairmaster machines. I have gauged the success of these various activities in terms of how they made my body feel not only immediately afterward but the next day as well.

With the above criteria in mind, I must report that I found Nia to be the best physical activity that I have engaged in my life. It has left me feeling invigorated both the day of the class as well as the following day. Unlike jogging and stairmaster machine, I have not experienced the frequent soreness associated with these types of common exercise. I found the quick recovery and the higher energy level from an uplifted spirit from Nia to be invaluable given my daily active lifestyle.

Overall, I am very enthusiastic about Nia since I believe I have found an activity which can provide me with a wonderful tool to maintain a high activity level as I grow older."

- Bill

My Profile:
Sixty-year-old female; 5'4", 125 lbs
Exercise commitment:
Ten years of Pilates at varying degrees of commitment (currently 1x per week with a personal trainer), sporadic weights and yoga, a little bike riding and lots of walking (preferably on a beach). I find working out on machines repetitive and dull; dislike running and most highly aerobic activity.

Introduction to NIA:
About one year ago Lynett Putterman invited me to participate in one of her classes. Knowing that I really needed something more aerobic in my exercise regime and having a love of dance stemming from childhood studies of ballet, tap and jazz as well as parental influence that introduced me to ballroom and Latin dancing early on ≠ NIA seem like a good fit for me.

NIA experience/expectations:
1. My first class with Lynett set the bar for my expectations. She deployed a variety of music, carefully edited to underscore a diversity of movements; all directed by an imaginative narrative. A room of women used ying and yang in physical activity that ranged from warrior to dancer to free-form energy; letting themselves express emotions from silly to sensual without ever feeling self-conscious ≠ and having fun while getting a great workout. We were each in our own zone; working to our own level and loving it. It was the most unique, creative, energizing exercise experience I had ever encountered.

2. My next experience was with an instructor who substituted for Lynett when she was out-of-town. It was more like a jazzercise class. The music was all contemporary and her instructions were along the lines of "listen to that, isn't great, hear the music, stay with the music" while performing a jazz routine that we were supposed to follow with minimal direction.

3. I was visiting my sister in Portland, OR and took the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for NIA by taking her to a class at Carlos and Debbie's studio. Unfortunately neither of them was there and the instructor that taught the class was boring. Her music was non-descript and so much of the movement was free-form that it was hard for a newbie to get the spirit.

4. Subsequently Carlos, as part of a training program, taught a class in Chicago that the public was invited to attend. Here the spirit reached a cult level as instructors hung on his every word and movement, to reach "level three" and beyond while following direction that seemed redundant to me. I felt outside the vibe and began to wonder if the NIA experience I had encountered with Lynett was not the norm.

5. I have continued to attend Lynett's classes weekly and still am in awe of the creativity and imagination that she brings to each session. Asked how she comes up with her ideas, she says that "they just come to her." But it is apparent that she spends a lot of time planning each class from the carefully chosen music to routines that include all of NIA's many disciplines. Plus she brings theatrical training, a diversity of exercise and dance experience, teaching background, a great sense of humor, and a zest for life to each class. I do not know how you incorporate these elements into a training program but think each NIA instructor could benefit from "Puttermania." Lynett is very gifted and it would be wonderful if she could share her craft ≠ we would all benefit.

Lynn M. Pregont

I have taken MANY NIA classes in New York, and from some of the top teachers in NIA. In my opinion, you are the BEST teacher I have ever taken NIA from. Most of all, your creativity and playfulness add so much to the mix. It's terrific. I also love teh playfulness of the music choices and your lack of fear to really get into the body and shake every part of us -- from kegels to breasts! The whole class is just so inspiring.

I also really love the five stages. Wow, that is incredible. I would love to do that every day! I personally get less into the belly dancing classes (not the individual exercises, but more when a whole class is built around it) mostly because I miss the playfulness of being animals and grouchy people and curious kids and all the other drama you bring into it on other days.

I think that brings me to what I like less about other teachers I've experienced -- more dance and less play. And the play is what allows me to escape from the heaviness of my mind, and truly get into my body.

Hope this is helpful -- just my humble opinion. You're the best!


The few that I have attended have been inspirational, fun, and fabulous!!!!!!!! If I lived at 161 I would be there every day,

XOXO Penelope

Hi Lynett -
I have only one comment to add to our previous conversations. I love your new routine, and especially love the choice of music. I feel released from prison.

I loved the balance of cuing and silence and the proporation of songs that used imagery to the ones that didn't. Your formula just keeps getting.

Irene Newman

NIA allowed me to have the greatest weight loss that I ever experienced in my lifetime. I absolutely loved the choreography.

Thank You K. Garzelk

Lynett, I love our NIA classes. I appreciate all the work and concern that you experience in preparing for our class. I love the music and moving my body. I am always pleasantly surprised at the nice achiness I feel the next morning; my body is telling me that there are muscles that haven't been taken care of; I am amazed at this because I do try different types of movement to be flexible; Nia is challenging because I do feel parts of me that apparently have not been used. I almost always am very tired when we begin class. (The class is at 5:30 p.m. I awake at 4:45 a.m, drive 20 miles to and from school, teach ESL full time to high school students, then drive downtown for the class.) When I leave NIA, I feel energized, revitalized and able to think clearly. I also feel happy. I am very grateful to Lynett for her energy and vivacious personality and for her caring about us.

Diana Burns

1. All of the attendees of Lynett's class realize how special it is which is why everyone is a regular. Most of us belong to other clubs who offer NIA but there class is nothing like Lynetts. Her energy, creativity, variety enhances the work we are really getting done on our bodies. It makes it a pleasure to work out which is uncommon for me as I hate to run, I've tried pilates, swimming etc. Lynett's class addresses, the motor skills, flexibility, balance,creativity & cardio, wow that's a lot for one class! My sisters, while visiting from southern California attended her class & ran home to find one like hers, however they have been disappointed because I don't think other NIA teachers have what Lynett does just in her spirit alone, its like working out & being entertained at the same time. We all can't wait to see what she will do next. And of course I think we are all aware of the wonderful results we see in our bodies while having a good time.

2. I've taken other classes but there is no magic like Lynett's

3. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee our class & really look forward to going, in fact if I have to miss a class I get upset.

Kindest Regards, Susan Carlins

all of you classes have been good i just wish you taught in the morning

Caroline Goldenberg

hi lynett--classes are always provide a focus at the start of the class and integrate our movement throughout our time together toward that focus.

you connect with the energy of not only your students but a larger universe, our practice is not only physical but spiritual.

you teach throughout--always offering info on our bodies, why particular things are important to practice.

the music is wonderful, i truly lose myself for the time i am practicing--for that i thank you!!!!!!

Kathy Rose

1. Am I providing you with a "well-taught" class? If so, would you be specific about what you get from our time together. If not, why not?
Your class is a well rounded routine that uses many muscles in many parts of the body. I always feel more limber, coordinated, balanced and energized after one of your classes.
2. If you have taken a Nia class that wasn't well taught, what are the specific weaknesses that you can point out? What was missing?
All are well taught

Art Silver

Hi Lynett, Coming from a physical therapy background, I am very impressed with your style of teaching. You use imagery and continuously remind us of how to align our bodies so that we don't hurt ourselves.
You are also so involved and dedicated and I think we all feel that. I enjoy your class because I let go of all of my worries and things to do. You create an environment for healing and acceptance that I love.
Other classes that I have not enjoyed as much are because I have felt that the teacher was not connecting with her class. ALso, they don't remind you of the posture and alignment like you do.
I hope that this helps. Lots of love,

Jenny Hobson

I have absolutely loved every NIA class I have taken. I feel great afterwards. Better than I thought I could feel. You have taught me so much about my body. Unfortunately, I am also reminded I don't know right from left and I have no rhythm. But that is only me. You are a fabulous teacher and I am so very lucky to have experienced your classes.


Dear Lynett,
I definitely feel that your class is very well taught, although I have not taken any other Nia class on a regular basis. I did take a workshop at the WAC with many others when a visiting instructor (the originator?) came to town. I much prefer your class. It is smaller and more personal but also seems to have an internal logic. The sequence of activities, their pacing and shifting rhythms, feel thought out and planned; and I appreciate that. When the whole session is at the same speed, it feels like any number of classes I've taken at the East Bank Club where the frantic, almost manic, energy turns me off. Those classes feel forced and invasive, whereas your sessions call forth expression from within the participant.
I hope your intensive course will be a gratifying experience.
Warm regards,

Bonnie Litowitz

I have taken classes that were extremely well taught and thoroughly enjoyed them.
I think it was a combination of things. First the teacher(Actually it was Lynett Putterman) possessed incredible amount of positive energy and warmth and spirituality. You can just feel it the moment you step into her class.She didn't go too fast and she didn't go to slow. When she saw that I or someone else wasn't getting the actual step right, she changed her language to make it more understandable.
I first started taking NIA after a torn ACL surgery. I had little balance left on one leg and was terrified to move. Through this teacher's support and encouragement without singling me out too much, I slowly gained my balance back. The other extremely important item is the choice of music. With Lynett's music I can go free and just feel. It is a very special place that allows one to express uninhibited feelings like that in a group. I have watched women who let themselves go also and it is truly amazing to see these people just let go. It brings out the kid in all of us.
I think the third important factor is Lynett's knowledge of the body. She actually describes each part of the body as we're using it and explains why it is ok to do each move, securing any fears one might have about using an extremity or body part. I have taken NIA classes where that didn't happen and I didn't go back.
I have taken classes where a teacher does go to fast or has too complicated moves and truly have lost interest during the class because I felt uncoordinated as I was new and couldn't keep up. I never experienced this with Lynett Putterman. She is truly an awesome teacher in every sense of the word. The last point I want to make is Lynett's ability to have everyone in the class visualize something which then allows them to move freely and let go . This is an important point as adults seem to never have time to let go and be a child. Her language and visualization exercises allow fantasy to exist. This is very important.

Jamie Pellar

Dear Lynett,
I began NIA classes with Lynett more than two years ago and attend them regularly. My Each class brings me a new awareness of the intricacies of the workings within my body. Through Lynett's instructions I can take myself to each muscle, each joint, each bone, to my mind and even to my heart.

Her music is appropriate to the mood she creates, the fun she interjects and the motivation she encourages. Her choreography matches each beat - reflecting the work she obviously loves. I let myself go and feel like a dancer.

I smile throughout each wonderful class, stand taller than ever before (at age 68) and wish that I could take NIA with Lynett every single day. I am sincerely thankful for the experience.


Betty Sacks

I was out of town and just returned last night...hope this response is not too late. In response to your questions I feel that your classes are extremely well taught! You prepare very thoroughly and it is obvious to me that you put a lot of thought into each class. You are sensitive, intuitive and wonderfully expressive. When I take your class I have the opportunity to experience an intense physical discharge of tension and/or very healing and expressive feelings. After each class I feel a sense of peace, gratitude and hope. I love the way in which you use humor and insight to connect with each member of the class. You appear to want each class member to experience a feeling of well being and serenity. I have no suggestions for improvement...keep doing what you are doing! I love it!!

XXOO, Gloria

My feedback for Lynette Putterman:

1. Absolutely!!! Lynette is providing us with a well taught class. Lynette's class is truly a life blessing. She is very professional, extremely detailed about what we are moving and why, free-spirited, fun and challenges every student without pressure. Lynette encourages that every body is different and to push ourselves the best we can. My time in Nia with Lynette is life long and I am so grateful. I am 32 years old and it is so nice to be exercising and getting an education. Lynette is so open and warming with her class that we all benefit from her knowledge.

2. I have taken Nia class that was not so structured and clean. I felt like I was in a dance class. I like the dance aspect of Nia but we are not a dance class we are a Nia class. If I wanted a hip hop class I would take one. If I wanted yoga, pilates, aerobics, etc. I would take it. Nia is combinding it all...and this teacher left out the education part. I love to dance I was a dance minot in college but I like to learn and have a focus on the muscle we are targeting.

3. I can't tell you anything negative about Lynette. I can't even make something up...however I truly would like to because I don't want to loose her as a teacher. The word teacher doesn't do her justice....she is our life

Thanks for sharing the Nia light!!!

Denise Potts Mueller

Wanted to send you my feedback. The class for me is not just a physical workout, but a total body/mind release. I feel tremendous joy in the class. You are energetic and playful and the shared energy between the participants is great. Your imagery and sense of playfulness definitely make the class more powerful for me. Sometimes I feel that I can't maintain the upbeat tempo, but just at that time you seem to bring things down a bit so I can regroup. The balance between "organized" movements and doing our own movements also is appealing. Sometimes I think I'd like some more quiet moments with just the music. I understand the need for the floor exercises, but I still am not quite comfortable with these. Need to work into them.
The class leaves me feeling so energized and happy. What I need to do is make sure I get to the 2 classes each week. I would like to be able to do NIA daily. The only other NIA I have done is at the church. The setting isn't as good- carpet, poor lighting, not as good a sound system and the group is smaller, older and not as energized. The workout is less strenuous also. Not the same energy or playfulness. Your enthusiasm, encouragement to move at our own pace and listen to our bodies, your imagery and genuine love of NIA, make the experience perfect.

Donna Yates

To Lynett & To whom it may concern,

I am grateful for the opportunity to express my opinion about ( exactly one year after joining ) what has become my favorite MORE-THAN.SIMPLY-A-WORKOUT-CLASS and its instructor.
I definitely benefited from Lynett's expertise in that I no longer pull a muscle in my back while trying to open the trunk of my car. I acquired flexibility and more....and overall a great feeling about my whole self.
However and aside from all the physical and psychological "acquisitions" and even though I have had good feelings from the start about NIA in general and the way it has been taught to me in particular, I definitely became more aware of the importance of IN WHOSE HANDS NIA is if the latter is to continue evolving in the direction intended for it by its original founders.
Being accustomed to Lynett's flawless approach which conveys a great sense of style, class, and overall mastery of the subject, the carefully sequenced pieces of music she would play to accompany our moves with appropriate transitions in between, add to that the priceless narrations Lynett uses to make our moves more meaningful, I found it hard to believe that the other instructors (whose performances didn't match Lynett's weekly piece of art ) indulged in a chaotic workout while taking turns to lead the class. I confess that had NIA-JAM been my first encounter with NIA itself it would also have been my last. I would have totally been turned off ! That's what I mean by " IN WHOSE HANDS..."
In fact I had to reassure a couple of guests who seemed completely lost promising that they will like Lynett's class. Sure enough Lynett's segment, though short proceeded with the grace and style and meaningful movements so familiar to her approach only. She, so to speak came to the rescue and gave us a sample of her stylish performance worth of the name NIA.
In conclusion and as far as NIA is concerned I could safely say that Lynett is the only one who has as much knowledge as competence and as much expertise as mastery. I would not trade her for any other instructor without affecting NIA the way I understand it. SO HAIL TO THE QUEEN !!!!!


Your NIA class is excellent for variety, pacing, demonstration of movements and explanation of their benefits, encouragement to all comers, your extreme generosity in making it available without charge, inspiration as you tell the class how it has helped you, humor, a safe environment to "let it all hang out," and an introduction to many styles of movement from different dance steps to striptease to tai chi and beyond. It engages the imagination and incorporates a sense of play. Many thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and talent.

Ethel Gofen

I experience NIA with Lynett Putterman as an existential opportunity. She is one of the rare instructors that invites each one of us to become aware of our vital sense of selfčour struggle with the concerns of existence, freedom, isolation, and meaninglessness and our desire for human contact and belonging. She invites us to become acquainted with our bodies and to always remember to honor ourselves. Lynett leads the class without ever "standing out." The class is never about herčit is always about us, which is so different from every other NIA instructor I have ever had. We get to places that we never could even imagine. As a lifetime dancer, I was anxious but yet intrigued with the concept of NIA. I was challenged to make a paradigm shift from strict adherence to the dance teacher's style to "getting to know" the real dancer within my soul. Lynett has done that for me. I no longer imitatečbut now feel comfortable with my body's interpretation of the area of the body we are emphasizing for any given class. Lynett brings her literary academic self to her instructing. Her brilliant choreography, selection of music, and commitment to the principles of NIA inspire me every moment of the session. The knowledge that my body has acquired from targeting every single area, enables me to experiment with movement with which I no longer feel exposed or embarrassed to do. I have attended dance classes for almost 60 years and so I can confidently say that Lynett is a teacher, "extraordinaire." She and NIA have given me permission "to be," to explore, and to dream.

Joy Segal

Besides being the fastest and most life-affirming workout you'll ever have, a class with Lynette is like learning to sing with your body! She's a total inspiration!

Joan Kohn

I have exercised my whole life, from high impact aerobics to pilates and now NIA. I am totally surprised that after doing NIA 3 to 4 times a week for 9 months now, I still look forward to it. It gives me joy as well as a wonderful workout. If classes were offered more often, I would be taking them.

Lynett is a wonderful teacher, always changing the routine to make it interesting and fun. I look forward to her classes.

Joan Werhane

Dear Nia Instructors,
Class is well taught. You take the time to establish our focus, make sure we maintain the correct form and regularly remind us to work at our individual level while encouraging us to push for more.

One specific weakness is the audio equipment.

John and I enjoy Nia class very much. It's more like playing than exercising but when it's over you have that great glow and relaxed sense of accomplishment that comes with a really good aerobics workout.


John and Marie Lawrence
Duneland Health Club Class

The class is great at the Duneland Fitness Center. I have back issues and struggling with taking Prednisone for a liver issue but should be off that soon and hoping to take some of the weight off and be able to move a little better. Have missed a few sessions do to other obligations but really enjoy and just take it at my own pace... Thank you

Bill Sutfin

I really enjoy the NIA classes even though I just started attending about 2 months ago. I can't believe I have belonged to Duneland Health Institute for so long and never tried the class. I just didn't know what to expect but a couple of my step aerobic friends raved about the class so I gave it a try.

I see this is something I can continue for years since it is kind to the body. I especially enjoy the music since this is a big motivator for me.

The class is very well taught. As each new routine is introduced it is broken down and repeated in short increments which make it easy to adapt to. I must admit that some of the moves I have never done in public before but with your instruction and the explanation of the benefits from the move it removes my inhibition and makes me want to achieve the benefit from the routines.

I appreciate the time and effort that you both put in the class and I'm so glad I gave the class a chance!

Charlene A. Pluta RNC


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